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Post-Surgical Pain

Anaesthesia, whether it is general or regional anaesthesia, is used to prevent you from feeling the severe pain associated with tissues being cut during surgery . However, when the surgery is completed and the anaesthetic wears off , you may feel pain at the site of surgery. This is known as postoperative pain.

The intensity of pain you might feel depends on the type of surgery (whether it is minor or major) and the site of surgery. Your doctor will prescribe regular medications and the nurses will administer them. To gain the most effective pain relief, be honest when your doctor or nurse asks how you're feeling.

Doctors and nurses cannot judge how much pain you are feeling. Only you know how you really feel. Pain after surgery can range from mild to intense. It can be throbbing, burning or nagging. No matter what your pain feels like, medications and relaxation techniques can help you feel better. If your pain is not relieved, say so. Medications can be adjusted to meet your needs. Finding what works for you is what really matters. There is no need to want to be brave and tolerate the pain as much as possible .

Postoperative pain can be treated very effectively and there is no need for you to feel miserable. For severe pain, such as after abdominal surgery, your doctors will prescribe powerful pain relieving drugs such as morphine. There is no need to worry about getting addicted to these powerful drugs as you will not get addicted when these medications are used for a short period – such as for one week after surgery.

Pain after surgery will reduce with time and when you are allowed to start oral intake, your medications will be changed to drugs which are less powerful , which you can take by mouth. It is important that pain medications are taken regularly in the first few days after surgery as this helps you to feel better. In fact, when the pain is kept at a reasonable level, patients usually recover sooner. Movement is easier when it doesn't hurt. With the help of pain medications, most patients can sit up or even walk within hours after surgery. This can help reduce some surgical risks, such as blood clots and pneumonia. In addition, less pain means less stress on the body and the mind. When you're relaxed, blood flows more easily and healing is quicker. Put these benefits together, and they add up to a shorter hospital stay.

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